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Gellért Bath Budapest

The Gellért Bath in Budapest was built between 1912 and 1918 at the bottom of Gellert Hill. During the second world war the bathing complex was massively destroyed but built up again after the war has finished. It is dated back to the 13th century that the sources were found which today still give the bath its water, the sources in and around Budapest were one of the reasons the Romans settled down among the Danube. Before the Gellért was turned into a bath, in middle ages it used to be a hospital. In 1927 and 1934 the Gellert Bath was expanded with an artificial wave pool and a bubble bath. The water temperature of the 2 main natural water pools are around 36 and 38 degrees. There is also an explanation about the water composition which is really detailed and as there is nothing to improve you can find here the original from Wikipedia:

The water contains calcium, magnesium, hydrocarbonate, alkalis, chloride, sulfate and fluoride. Medical indications of the water includes degenerative joint illnesses, spine problems, chronic and sub-acute joint inflammations, vertebral disk problems, neuralgia, vasoconstriction and circulatory disturbances; inhalation problems for the treatment of asthma and chronic bronchitis problems.

Gellért Bath Sevices

Next to the bath itself the Gellért Spa and Bath offers several other services such as saunas, open air swimming pool (including the mentioned artificial wave pool), plunge pools, Finnish saunas and massage services. next to these services you can enjoy also the medical service which Gellért Bath offers and of course the wide variety of restuarants and buffets for food and drinks.

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Opening hours, prices, location

Opening Hours: 6.00am till 8.00pm every day
Entrance Fees: Regular tickets cost between 3.800 and 4.000 HUF (There are afternoon tickets available as well for 2.800 to 3.700 HUF)
Location: The Gellért Bath is located on the foot of Gellert Hill, watch it on the map here.

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