Budapest Baths

Budapest is also called the capital of baths and spas because of its many natural water sources and the amount of baths which the Turks brought to Hungary around 1550. Over the years the Budapest bathing culture became bigger and bigger and up to date it is one of the top addresses in Europe for spa or bath holidays due to its more than 1000 natural water springs. Many of the baths in Budapest are very old such as the Szechenyi bath or the Gellert bath which are not only interesting because of the water and pools but also architectural they are very beautiful and often used as a background for touristic pictures and are some of the main sights for every visitor.

If you are in Budapest you should not miss to visit one of the beautiful baths, it is just like seeing the parliament or the hero square, eating a Goulash Soup or drinking a Pálinka. All of that you have to do when you are in Budapest and so you need to visit one of the baths.

So which Budapest bath to choose and where to go? On the following pages you will get deeper information about the single baths, their history, entrance fees, opening hours and location of the baths.

Szechenyi Bath
The Szechenyi Bath is probably the most famous among the baths in Budapest due to its stunning architecture and the location in the city park. Read more…

Gellert Bath
Gellert Bath is located in the famous Gellert hotel at the bottom of Gellert hill. It is one of the most photographed sights in Budapest and the bath is really good. Read more…

Király Bath
The Király bath is one of the oldest baths in Budapest, its construction started in 1565 and the architecture is a masterpiece of the Turks. Read more…

Rudas Bath
The Rudas Baths is another fantastic example of Turkish architecture and its location is superb, right on the bottom of Gellert Hill next to the Erzsébet bridge. Read more…

Lukcas Bath
The Lukacs bath in the 2nd district has a 18.000 squaremeter park around and is ideal for relaxing. Next to the regular visitors it is quite frequented by artists such as writers or painters. Read more…

Many people might say that baths are rather for older people because you see a lot of retired people going there but that is not true. Baths are also frequently visited by younger people who might not go there because of the health effect but for fun. There are also programs just for the youth such as bath parties which take place in the evening or night, with electronic music, many drinks and beautiful Budapest girls of course. With these moves you can see that the baths are not just relaxing on their history and wait for the customers but they try to add new topics and activities to their program so that new bath and spa friends visit more regular.

A highlight every weekend in Széchénny bath are the SPArtys that take place every Satureday.

As I said above once you are in the capital of Hungary you should not miss a visit of one of the baths in Budapest it is not just a form of sightseeing in Budapest or swimming in history but also fun and relaxing in the same time. Therefore most of the baths in Budapest have expanded their list of services and offer everything from massages to pedicure next to the visit in the bath. Here are some services that you might be interested in when visiting one of the listed baths:

  • Massage
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Hair dresser
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Whirlpools
  • or even dental services and much more.

In some baths you need to book the listed services in advance as they do not have full time hair dressers for example but need to call them in on a given time. Also it is an advantage that you have a booked appointment, not that on that one day you are in one of the Budapest baths the service is entirely booked out. So make sure to ring the bath and ask for an appointement.

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